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Greenville, SC. for Healthcare Professionals get re-certified, easy registration, & fun classes! American Heart Association 2 year CPR certification or renewal classes available. In business for 17-years, we're Local, Honest and Reliable! Give us a call, we guarantee you'll see the difference! Register now for Healthcare CPR training.

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Located in Greenville, SC on Congaree Road across from Haywood Mall. Celebrating 17-years in business, guaranteed the best CPR training classes in Greenville!
CPR and First Aid Certification in Greenville, SC
First Aid and CPR Classes 
CPR Greenville offers Basic First Aid and CPR to renew First and CPR Skills. 100% American Heart Association (AHA) Accredited.
ACLS CPR Certification Renewal Greenville, SC
ACLS BLS CPR Recertification Classes
CPR Greenville offers Basic Life Support (BLS or BCLS) CPR classes Greenville SC for healthcare providers to renew CPR Skills. 100% American Heart Association (AHA) Accredited.
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Workplace Training Classes
Workplace Safety and CPR training. Get First Aid, CPR, BBP and or onsite OSHA training for your employees. Check out our new website just for workplace training registration!  Learn More.
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LifeSavers of America and Greenville CPR are not affiliated with CPR Greenville a St. Loius Missouri Company.
BLS CPR - Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers; this CPR course satisfies all requirements for Medical and Dental Professionals and Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Students. This course covers renewals or initial certifications.

HeartSaver CPR - This is basic HeartSaver certification for the non-medical recur. Satisfies all requirements for a non-medical workplace. 
ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support; ACLS involves advanced medical skills, certification and training is only offered to medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. Initial and Renewal.
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