Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you price match?  At Greenville CPR we don't compromise cost for quality. What we do for you is important, we teach skills that keep your business in compliance and employees working. Learning CPR or First Aid is more than just watching a video, we provide professional instructors, all the necessary equipment and all the disposable accessories for a proper training class. We ensure your employees have the skills they need in the event of an emergency because the life they save may be your own! Give us a call, we guarantee you'll see the difference!
What should I expect from my Instructors? Regardless of "who" you hire, you should know what to expect from every Instructor and or training site that provides your training.
Who is my instructor? What is their background? How long have they been training? Our experienced, professional instructors range from EMT's to Paramedics to Nurse Educators and sports trainers who have real life experience in life threatening emergencies and injuries. Who better to provide your training!
What should I expect during my class? 
Manikin to student ratios of either 1:3 - 1:2 or 1:1
Clean, sanitized equipment
Proper training videos with current AHA guidelines
Adequate Skills Instruction and Practice time
Defibrillator trainer and Practice skills session (depending on your course).
Access to Books (required for every student)
Barrier Devices
and Face Masks
First Aid bandages; Epi pens; splinting materials; etc.
Certification Cards
We provide all of this to you at no extra charge!
What class should I take?
Students generally breakdown into three types of student. Healthcare Providers, Lay persons and Families. 
All Healthcare Providers or Healthcare students need Healthcare Provider CPR whether it's an initial course or a renewal. You can find these on our training classes page. Simple choose the course date and time you want and register online! This course satisfies all CPR requirments for scool and employment in the medical field.
All non-medical (lay) persons take either Basic First Aid and or CPR with AED. Both fo these courses satisfy all requirements for First Aid and CPR for the non-medical workplace. Additional modules are available, be sure to discuss any additional requirements with your instructor. 
Families can take the HeartSavers courses. HeartSavers courses are different than the ones described above since they are non-certification courses and usually take about an hour and a half.

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On-Site Workplace Training

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Instructor Led

Complete Instructor Led Courses with video and hands on training.
Inc. 2-Year course completion cards.

Blended Learning 

Do the didactic portion online and come in for a skills session with the instructor.  Inc. 2-Year Course Completion Card