AED Maintenence

Greenville CPR offers AED maintenance programs to help your facility meet state and federal AED laws and regulations. Our programs are designed to suit your specific job-site needs; while many programs have no direct onsite evaluation or interaction, Greenville CPR will help you set up your Emergency Plan of Action set up and train your officers to respond in the case of an actual cardiac event. We also offer event reporting assistance, so you're never alone.

Why do I need a Maintenance Program?

  • To help meet State Law Requirements.
  • Maintain AED Readiness and Compliance for event monitoring.
  • Manage Updates, Recalls and your peace of mind!
  • Ensure proper CPR & AED training and recertification when necessary for your officers.

How does it work?
We perform a full on-site assessment to ensure your AED's are up to date, visible, accessible and properly equipped. From there we'll correct any deficiencies, replenish any necessary parts or accessories and train your staff. 
Monthly AED reminders are sent automatically to you to check pads and batteries. In the event you are unable to perform the task we can send someone to your facility to do it for you. Any recalls or updates are provided to you by email and by phone to ensure you have the latest updates and technology required for a successful operational deployment. 
What kind of monitoring plans do you have?
We offer multi-year plans to suit your specific site monitoring needs. Training allowances are offerred for 3-5 year contractual programs whether you already have AED's on-site or if you need to furnish your buildings with them.
1 - Year Renewable Programs (rates may vary)
3 - Year Programs ​Discounted Rates, training allowance for 4 students.
5 - Year Program includes: Added discounts and training allowance for up 8 students.
How do I get started?
AED monitoring and requirments can seem overwhelming, we make it simple for you. Just call or e-mail us, we'll set a time that's convenient for you to come to your facility for a free consultation and we'll tell you exactly what you need and how to get set up!
Mailing Address
Phone: 864-233-3333
2607 Woodruff Road
Simpsonville, SC 29681