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    Extremely Prompt and Professional!!
    Children's Medical Center P.A.
  2. 1
    This was great. Time well spent and material was covered completely. I feel well equipped to respond to an emergency. Thanks
    Melanie Coates-Hunt
  3. 2
    Great class. Instruter was great (Cal) he took time to ensure every question was answered and all students were comfortable with performing CPR
    Patty Powell
  4. 5
    Cal was a great instructor! We had fun and learned important new skills!
    Kristin Carroll
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    Cal, the instructor was awesome! I really enjoyed the class and it was very informative.
    Beth Hollingsworth
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    Great instructor and great course!!!
    Caitlyn Etherington
  7. 7
    The most amazing customer service!! Very friendly and helpful!
    Deborah Horton
  8. 8
    The instructor was excellent! Cal Gould told time to make sure we, as a class, understood all concepts presented. He also too the time to make sure, during practice, to get down on the floor/table with us to make sure we performed all aspects of CPR correctly. He related real life experiences to what we were doing and why it is important to do CPR and operate and AED correctly. This time and attention to detail, in my opinion, is essential to us providing adequate CPR with confidence. Thank you Cal and Greenville CPR. Well worth the time and was a great experience.
    Amber Bumbrey
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    I have taken 3 classes with Greenville CPR,and found the classes to be well taught, fully informational, and complete. I got my cards quickly, and have NEVER had a problem. Will be back.
    Virginia Joiner
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